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IB Private tutor teacher in Jakarta

IB Private tutor – With more than a decade of experience providing tutoring service in Jakarta and Bandung, Jakarta Tutors never fails to satisfy students who choose to use help of our tutors. We provide many kind of tutors, one of the example is IB diploma tutors. Students who pursue their education in international school and learn using international curriculum or international students in Jakarta now can have access of quality tutors who will help them solve their worries and problem in school. Our tutors will also help students to actualize their dream to enter universities abroad. Normally students feel tired of too much learning approximately 6 subjects, Extended Essays, Theory of Knowledge (ToK), and Creativity, Activity, Service (C.A.S.) at the same time. They find it hard until they’re having a low self-esteem of passing the exam and have a good grade. They can’t handle too many deadlines of the subjects they learn in school or simply, they can’t keep up with what has been taught in class. IB Tutors from Jakarta Tutors will help these kind of students to commit better.

Who is our IB diploma tutors in Jakarta Tutors?

They are capable tutors who :

 Have experience and/or have a knowledge of teaching international curriculum.

 Have experience as IB Diploma tutor for years.

 Experts in certain subjects in IB.

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