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Why JakartaTutors IB Tutoring?

Jakarta Tutors – Our IB tutors are recent graduates of the Diploma Program and all scored perfect marks in the subjects they teach at Higher Level.

Aside from being top IB students, our tutors are passionate about sharing their experiences and helping others succeed. They know how a good IB score can open doors to the world’s best universities, and they want the same for you.

Your hand-picked tutor will give you a comprehensive understanding of the format and expectations in the IB, ensuring you go into your exams confident and with a high performance exam strategy.


The IB Diploma Program is an international curriculum that students start in their second to last year of high school. You can use your IB Diploma to apply to almost any university around the world.

You take six subjects (from six groups), and have three core requirements that you have to complete concurrently. These are: Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay (EE) and Creativity, Action and Service (CAS).


As a globally recognised curriculum, the IB is especially useful if you’re applying to universities overseas because it contextualises your application.

The IB is a rigorous program that involves a lot of independent study, good organisational skills and time management.

Many universities – particularly in the US – think this makes IB students better prepared and more qualified to succeed, so they might consider you a stronger candidate if you’ve scored well.


A perfect score is 45, but anything above 38 is considered pretty excellent!

However, what qualifies as a good IB score will depend on what you want to study after school and which university you want to apply to. Different universities have different score expectations, and some place more value on the IB than others.

Look into the IB scores needed to get into the top universities before you start studying.

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