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AP Private Tutoring Service Jakarta

Jakarta TutorsAP Private Tutoring Service JakartaAdvanced Placement (AP) is a program created by College Board that allows students to take college-level class in high school. This program gives chance for high school students who pass AP exams with high scores to gain placement and college credit in university. AP Exams are scored between 1 to 5 with 3 as the minimum requirement to pass. Taking an AP course in high school will give students an edge over other university applicants because it proves that the AP students are capable of handling college courses.

While AP courses give major benefits for students who wish to continue their study in United States or Canada, the course works are understandably more difficult than normal classes. Students are given more materials to handle, and they are expected to learn a lot of the materials on their own due to limited time in high school.

To help students who might struggle with their AP classes, jakartatutors.com offers assistance in major AP subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Tutorials are conducted in 1 on 1 basis to ensure that students and tutors work on areas of students’ weakness. The private tutorial also allows tutors to devise personalized ways to help students understand the subject and pass AP exams with desired scores.

JakartaTutors matches students’ needs with the right tutors. Tutors are university students from prestigious university with expanse knowledge of subjects they teach. Tutoring sessions are customized to each student’s needs, and tutors provide progress report after every session. The progress report is intended to help parents understand the students’ strength and weakness as well as materials covered during the day.

To find out more about our AP Tutorial service and subjects which we provide, please contact us by sending email or calling the number provided. jakartatutors.com will do our best to find tutor which can match your children’s needs best.

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