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Primary Private Tutor Teacher in Jakarta

Primary Private Tutor Teacher in Jakarta – Primary School holds an important role for children to understand the basic of knowledge before they move forward to the next stage in school. Since it is very crucial for students to be able to keep up with lessons in school, JakartaTutors provide a service of a Primary private tutor.

This will help children to be able to be well-performed in school and also help parents to secure the future of their children’s education. Private tutors for children would be an advantage for parents as they don’t have to focus on bringing and picking up their children to tutoring center as our tutors will come and help students in their home.

To maintain a good learning ability of your children, Jakarta Tutors provides tutors who master lessons from every field:

  • English
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Natural Science
  • Social Science
  • Mathematics
  • Arts

Tutors will not only help students to learn their lessons based on the curriculum using in their school but also use a fun method such as using math games for calculating lesson or riddle to learn new vocabularies in English.

Using the service of sort of private coaching with our tutors will benefit your children to strengthen their basic of knowledge which is probably forgotten in school.

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