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The Importance of Having A Private English Tutor

The Importance of Having A Private English Tutor – When it comes to English mastery, to make matters worse, the prevalence of social media and the inherent Singlish culture of jakarta are causing today’s younger generation to have a high exposure to improper slang language. Things has gotten to a point where English teachers are complaining that students are using ‘Singlish’ in their school English assignments, and parents are often encouraged to force their children to speak in proper English at home. All these culminate to the result that English tuition in Jakarta is becoming more than necessary, and there is an increasing demand for private English tutors in Jakarta.

Unfortunately, a good English tutor is really hard to find. An English tutor in jakarta Tutors has a huge range of responsibilities; they should be able to teach proper grammar and vocabulary, guide the student to write great essays, explain how to evaluate and tackle challenging comprehension questions, develop critical thinking, equip the student with the ability to express one’s unique point of view, and the list goes on…

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