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Primary English Private Tutor in Jakarta

Primary English Private TutorJakartaTutors believes that education starts from early age. Language learning is not exception to this. Young learners can gain many benefits from early language learning. They are capable of absorbing new words easier and gain native speaker accent. Language skill can also be an advantage when the child grows up and enters working field.

Primary English Private Tutor in Jakarta

Recognizing the need of Primary English tutor for young learners, provides Primary English tutors for 1 on 1 learning at home. Tutors come to students’ house at the time which can be adjusted to students’ schedule. Primary English in JakartaTutors is designed to support your children in school by learning English in fun and flexible ways. Examples of activities in tutoring time include:

  • Words seeker
  • Cursive writing
  • Matchmaking pictures
  • Coloring based on words
  • Word puzzle

By applying different activities in every meeting, students will learn to pick up English language without pressure. They are encouraged to speak English with tutors confidently. Tutors adjust the activities according to students’ stage of learning. Tutors use a range of interactive teaching methods to ensure that students are capable to engage in lessons actively.

Parents can check progress of their children by reading progress report which tutors write in every meeting. This personalized feedback allows parents to understand the need of their children and ensure that their children are making progress. Therefore, parents and tutors can communicate effectively and find the most suitable method of learning for students who might find any difficulties.

To find out more about our Primary English plan, please contact us by sending email or calling the number provided. will do our best to find tutor which can match your children’s needs best.

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