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Extended Essay Private Tutor

Jakarta Tutuor Extended Essay Private Tutor – Extended Essay is part of the three cores of International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which are: Theory of Knowledge, Extended Essay, and a minimum of 150 hours’ participation in areas defined as Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS). In Extended Essay (EE), students investigate a topic of particular interest and write 4000 words essay about the topic.

Extended Essay is mandatory for IB Diploma Candidates to graduate from the program. In EE, students are given opportunity to research a topic that they take interest in. Extended Essay is a great opportunity for students to practice writing for their undergraduate thesis.

Extended Essay Private Tutor in Jakarta

In JakartaTutors, we offer assistance to help students in writing their Extended Essay. Extended Essay tutor help students to formulate suitable research question which isn’t too narrow or too broad in order to write 4000 words essay about the subject. Subject in Extended Essay is related to students’ interest in six subject groups. Tutors also help students to explore how to develop their ideas and present a convincing and logical arguments regarding the topic of their interest. Our Extended Essay tutors help students to apply relevant theories to the data they collected and review the final essay to help students gain the highest possible grade.

Extended Essay Private Tutor in jakartatutors.com ensures that students will be able to satisfy the requirements of Extended Essay. Tutors also assists students to get their desired score for their Extended Essay.

To find out more about our Extended Essay Private Tutor, please contact us by sending email or calling the number provided. jakartatutors.com will do our best to find tutor which can match your children’s needs best.

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